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"you copy kamliheer post the chilmen uthegi nahi, copycat shame on your" —Anonymous

woaah woaah calm down…before you start accusing here…the post/gifs were not copied…a few days ago i quickly glimpsed through my dashboard and saw a sushmita sen gifset…i didn’t see who it was nor did i see how it was made…the song i liked and she looked super pretty in it…that’s why i made a gifset on that song…look at my gifs and the other person’s..it’s not even the same parts of the scene nor the coloring is the same…i mean god forbid that we or someone else edit or gif the movie/picture and then you say it’s copied…do you know how many other people made the same gifs…so next time i want to gif a scene that god forbid is the same scene someone else already made i should ask permission from you? should i check every bollywood blog before i make something because oh god the other blog has the same scene :O what do i do now? so that is my answer to you accusation

Added note: if you have the guts than come off anon and accuse noh…why use anon to accuse


Considering Ill be leaving for vacation this afternoon, I just wanted to make this follow forever in celebration of making 400 followers :)

Well other than the obvious, The Bollywood Fandom is full of so many wonderful people. People who you will become so accustomed to seeing on your dash every day, or some who you will be happy to see every once in while. I made this blog during a very rough time in my life, which caused me to leave my dream school and have to come back home. It was a hard couple months considering I had to sit and watch alot of my friends continue on with college while I stayed home just healing. Thankfully having a supporting family, Im able to live day by day as if those few months in the fall never happened. Most importanly this blog kept me always using my head. I wouldnt sleep sometimes waiting for something to upload so I can Gif-it, we all have that photoshop fever sometimes. I spent so many hours on here looking at how amazing editors this fandom is full of. Ps envy is definatly the word to describe it. Although it may not seem obvious, this fandom has become part of my life. Ive made some really nice friends here, that I hope to keep forever. 

Thank you all who have followed and those who encouraged me with kind messages. I owe you all the world, because of you all I never lost hope in myself (kinda corny, dont care). Thank you

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